Google has recently released

Google has recently released an update to the Google Keyboard, which took its place in the Play Store. Google’s Google Nexus devices (Stock Android), including the Google keyboard in June, Android 4.0 and higher versions were available to all Android users. Thanks to the update for Google Keyboard, which provides an alternative for users, it eliminates many errors and becomes more stable.The update is also an innovation for tablets. Previously available on smartphones and long press on the top row of keys to access the numbers can now be used in tablets. You can download Google Keyboard here. You can access the APK file here.

Apple’s new iPhone is expected to introduce on September 10 rumors continue to grow like an avalanche. Recently, the agenda is keeping the iPhone 5S busy in gold. Previously leaked visuals of gold iPhone 5S video recently appeared on Youtube.When we look at the differences between the previous S models and the previous models, Apple’s S models did not go to a major innovation, more interior, that is to say that hardware changes. Probably reaching the ideal case they want Apple’s new phone 5S 5 will also host a case structure similar.Again, we will share with you the possible technical features of the iPhone Gold 5S, as seen in this video does not contain radical changes in the design size, it is remarkable that only the led flash is different.

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